Dusk of the Derps


being a online adoptables nerd pays of. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

started playing dragoncave again and got onto three lists for 2gen prizes. nb nb.
technically I guess i’m on four lists but one of the cb prize owners aren’t active anymore , so I suppose it doesn’t really count.

lots of people say Flight Rising is also a good game, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the next registration window.

Teach me your ways oh skilled one (Seriously that’s impressive)

Something for a class!

Something for a class!



My Caveborn Golds refuse to go near each other. …

People on dragcave are assholes sometimes! I caught another Caveborn Gold (Crazy luck for me!! Really excited because now I have a pair!) and I put my eggs on EotW. Some jackass I guess is vindictive? Because suddenly the views on it got into the 200’s when it’s only a few hours old and now it’s sick. Awful people trying to kill my CB gold. Shame on you. They did the same with my cheese dragon eggy too. 


i only have two speed settings for blogging: “makes you wonder if theyre even still active” or “your entire dash is nothing but me”

September Egg release!! 

Hey dragoncavers~

I’m offering rare dragons in exchange for influenced common hatchlings from a list I compiled of the Caveborn dragons I’m lacking. I have a Chicken, Paper, and a few Caveborn Summers! 

I’m also looking for offspring from GoN fathers and Magma mothers - both avatars and avatarfails. So I’d be willing to trade something for that too.

Here’s the list of the dragons I need, if anyone want to find and hatch some for me. Each rare will be traded for about three common hatchies, since they’re really easy to find. 

Two Headed Dragon – Male, Balloon Dragon – Male, Black Tea Dragon – Male, BlackTip – Male, Bluna – 2G Male/Female, Coastal Waverunner – Female, Red Dorsal – Male, Electric – Female, Geode – PB Female, Day Glory Drake – Male, Shallow – 2G Male, Greenwing – Male, Guardian – Male/Female, Hellfire – Female, Hellhorse – 2G Male/Female, Horse – Female, Water – Male, Lumina – Male, Mint – Female, Moonstone – Female, Nebula – Red Female, Neotropical – Male, Nocturne – Male, Pygmy – Male/Female, Tan Ridgewing – Male/Female, Skywing – Male, Soulpeace – 2G Female, Stone – Male, White Stripe – Male/Female, Sunrise – Male/Female, Sunset – Female, Sunsong – Female, Sunstone – Male, Swallowtail – Male, Tri-Horn – Male/Female, Ultraviolet – 2G Male/Female, Swamp – Male

Please read Skin Deep guys! It’s a great Webcomic with some awesome creature designs and super lovable characters. Blanche here is my favorite, he’s so happy and excited around his friend, and he’s really sweet and he plays Kingdom Hearts and ahhh he’s precious <3

I also miss the game Jak II! It’s such a good game, gotta love angsty Jak and evil Dark Jak, yep yep.

R, my movie love, I haven&#8217;t drawn you in forever. Still love Warm Bodies with a passion, I promise

R, my movie love, I haven’t drawn you in forever. Still love Warm Bodies with a passion, I promise